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Glide Air

Inflatable SUP

Included Backpack, HandPump, Repair Kit, Fin Set
Superior Stiffness - Perfect Air Holding - Incredible Durability
Quality Finish - 1000 Denier HD PVC Fabric

The Glide is a wonderful all around SUP board that follows you wherever you carry it inside its compact backpack. It’s simple and fun to paddle and to travel with. Once on the water it's super stable and agile and comes in three sizes to suit your every need and preference. performance is paramount to us, that's why the Glide comes in 6” thickness, resulting in a very quality construction and thus a very firm inflatable SUP. With all our knowledge put into this board, you can just lean back, and focus on having fun, or stand up, whichever you prefer.

Glide Air 9'0" Length : 9'0"
Width : 32 "
Volume: 230L
Glide Air 10'0" Length : 10'0"
Width : 33 "
Volume: 265L
Glide Air 11'0" Length : 11'0"
Width : 34 "
Volume: 310L

Quatro Glide Air

Quatro Glide Air

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