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Quatro Cube Quad 2016

This shorter more compact rocket of a quad was designed for speed and maneuverability. We have completely redesigned this board from outline to bottom contour to profile flow.
A fuller outline through the nose to compensate for its shorter length. A fuller profile thickness through the stance to compensate for the shorter length and for the stance that has been moved back on the board. This makes a more maneuverable board with a straighter rocker. The bottom of vee with double running throughout creates a quick planning soft and comfortable ride.
Again we have reworked the fin positioning for optimum speed and maneuverability.
The rounded squash tail allows for a fuller tail in turn allowing the stance to be moved back and providing a very turny yet stable ride.
This board with its quad fins ,fast rocker redesigned outline and profile allows you to shred in all sorts of varying conditions ... from side off Hookipa to onshore Pozo ..... the best of both worlds put into one new Quad design.!!!!

Cube 75 Volume : 75 L
Length : 217 cm
Width : 53.5 cm
Cube 80 Volume : 80 L
Length : 218 cm
Width : 55.5 cm
Cube 85 Volume : 85 L
Length : 220 cm
Width : 58 cm
Cube 95

Volume : 95 L
Length : 223 cm
Width : 60 cm

Cube 105 Volume : 105 L
Length : 225 cm
Width : 62 cm

Quatro Cube Quad

Quatro Pyramid Thruster 2016

The new Pyramid is a complete redesign of the thruster pure wave board. It is the most progressive wave board on the market.
A little bit shorter length, a slightly reduced nose width and a slightly increased tail width. Moving the rider back on the board we have created a quicker turning and more reactive ride. We have increased the thickness through the stance to compensate for moving the rider back. Going to a swallow tail allows for a more hold through a full rail turn. We have reworked the fin positioning to find the most efficient turn to upwind and planning combination.
This board has the latest bottom contour of single to double to vee off the tail ... this is the fastest most stable and progressive bottom in out line up.
The Pyramid will bring you to new places in your waveriding!!!!

Pyramid 72 Volume : 72 L
Length : 219 cm
Width : 54 cm
Pyramid 77 Volume : 77 L
Length : 221 cm
Width : 55cm
Pyramid 86 Volume : 86 L
Length : 225 cm
Width : 58 cm
Pyramid 95 Volume : 95 L
Length : 227 cm
Width : 59 cm

Quatro Pyramid Thruster

Quatro Sphere Thruster 2016

With the Sphere I was looking to enhance the ease of turning while at the same time not losing that boosting low end torque and its thrilling top end speed. I stuck to a v-bottom for early planing and a double concave to soften the ride at high speeds and then worked meticulously on the rail foiling, ending up having the rails faster from nose to tail to making the board feel distinctly crisp and responsive. I went for an outline that has some traditional qualities to it, appealing to a rider that is looking for a somewhat familiar feeling from single fin designs, yet I incorporated all the latest Quatro R features into this shape, from foam flow, to where you are standing on the board in relation to the multi fin setup, to the tail rockers bringing a very modern concept to the board.
The Sphere is a superb transitional board from single to multi fin. It will really bring the benefits of the Thruster concept home for you with ease. Yet it allows you to push your limits time and again, offering tons of speed for flowing moves.

Sphere 67 Volume : 67 L
Length : 223 cm
Width : 54.6 cm
Sphere 75 Volume : 75 L
Length : 227 cm
Width : 55.2 cm
Sphere 80 Volume : 80 L
Length : 230 cm
Width : 56.3 cm
Sphere 85 Volume : 85 L
Length : 230 cm
Width : 57.1 cm
Sphere 90 Volume : 90 L
Length : 232.2 cm
Width : 58.2 cm
Sphere 95 Volume : 95 L
Length : 232.4 cm
Width : 59.1 cm
Sphere 105 Volume : 105 L
Length : 234.8 cm
Width : 61.6 cm
Sphere 115 Volume : 115 L
Length : 237.2 cm
Width : 63.7 cm
Quatro Sphere Thruster

Quatro Mono 2016

The Quatro Mono is the ideal choice for sailors looking for the classic smooth and stable feel, quick acceleration, unlimited top end speed and adaptability that single fin boards provide. These boards are tunable for any type of wave condition around the world. The early planing and forgiving feel are the key concepts of this line of boards, giving you the comfort and control to feel at home anywhere you sail.

Mono 67 Volume : 67 L
Length : 232 cm
Width : 52 cm
Mono 72 Volume : 72 L
Length : 237.5 cm
Width : 53.5cm
Mono 79 Volume : 79 L
Length : 240.5 cm
Width : 56 cm
Mono 86 Volume : 86 L
Length : 242.5 cm
Width : 58 cm

Quatro Mono

Quatro Tetra Freestyle Wave 2016

The Tetra is a universal Freewave board. The fastest and most comprehensive board in our current line. It offers a smooth entry with minimal tail rocker for super early planing yet, in its own right, it's a truly playfully turning board. All volumes feature a v-bottom with double concave running through the belly of the board for a smooth, stable and agile ride.
Sticking with our newer concept of putting the sailor further back on the board and adjusting the tail rockers for this, we have created a board that is fast to plane yet easy to turn because of its stance positioning. This is the go to board for blasting around and smoking your friends.

Tetra 89 Volume : 89 L
Length : 234.5 cm
Width : 60.4 cm
Tetra 99 Volume : 99 L
Length : 237 cm
Width : 62.3 cm
Tetra 109 Volume : 109 L
Length : 240 cm
Width : 64.9 cm

Quatro Tetra


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