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Quatro Wave Single Fin 2010

The Quatro WAVE SINGLE FIN is the ideal choice of boards for any type of wave conditions around the world. The early planning and forgiving feel are the key concepts of this line of boards, giving the rider the comfort and control to feel at home anywhere he or she desires to sail.

The WAVE SINGLE FIN line is now even more complete with a 64 liter board with very specific characteristics emphasizing maximum speed and control. This board is not just an extension of the range, it offers great performance and control for high winds, wavy and choppy conditions. The New 64 will be your best choice when sailing in strong wind conditions or if you are a lighter sailor looking for a board with top performance.

The larger sizes of WAVE SINGLE FIN boards keep the important characteristics of early planning and forgiving feel with our progressive concept design. The greater the volume, the earlier the board will plain and the more stable it will become. This gives the rider a progressive range to perform as the conditions change.

Premium PVC Construction is available in 64, 72, 78 and 86 Liters

  Volume : 64 L
Length : 232 cm
Width : 52 cm
Weight : 5.4 kg
  Volume : 72 L
Length : 237.5 cm
Width : 53.6 cm
Weight : 5.5 kg
  Volume : 78 L
Length : 240 cm
Width : 56 cm
Weight : 5.7 kg
  Volume : 86 L
Length : 242 cm
Width : 58 cm
Weight : 5.8 kg


Quatro Wave

Quatro Freestyle Wave 2010

The FREESTYLE WAVE is the perfect one board for ALL conditions you may encounter. A perfect blend of early planning, speed and maneuverability- the new FREESTYLE WAVE boards offer great performance, and now for 2010- with a touch more wave sailing capabilities.

Magazine tests have credited the FREESTYLE WAVE as one of the most versatile line of boards in this category as they offer great planning ability together with control, comfort and incredible maneuverability.

These boards are very easy to sail helping the riders get the most out of their sailing time. The FREESTYLE WAVE’s rocker line allows the board to pop on a plane easily- reaching top speeds with total control. The small bevel on the tail allows for control and ease of turning at high speeds.

Excellent jumping ability and a quick crispy ride give these boards a ideal balance for all flat water, waves and freestyle riding.

Premium PVC Construction is available in 75, 85, 95 and 105.
Premium Wood Construction is available in 75, 85, 95 and 105.

  Volume : 75 L
Length : 235 cm
Width : 56.3 c,
Weight LTD : 5.6 kg
Weight Wood : 6.4 kg
  Volume : 85 L
Length : 237 cm
Width : 58.5 cm
Weight LTD : 5.7 kg
Weight Wood : 6.7 kg
  Volume : 95 L
Length : 240 cm
Width : 61.2 cm
Weight LTD : 6.1 kg
Weight Wood : 7.0 kg
  Volume : 105 L
Length : 241.7 cm
Width : 64.2 cm
Weight LTD : 6.6 kg
Weight Wood : 7.3 kg

Quatro Freestyle Wave

Quatro Rhythm Wave Twin Fin 2010

Hard Core Wave sailing has now shifted its gears and has gone for this powerful new design. What has been a rarity is now the new trend. The RHYTHM twin fin boards allow you to finish your turns all the way, resulting in a continuous motion from the bottom turn to the off the top, going right back down the line. The two fins put the rails in the water sooner and keep them in the water throughout the whole turn.

International magazine tests around the world have credited this line of twin fin boards as the best fitted line of boards for side shore conditions for medium to expert sailors. Most of the professional wave sailors in the world today to whom we make custom boards ride boards just like these. No compromises and full performance.

Regardless of whether your style is front or back foot influenced, you will definitely feel a whole new sensation, doing turns you've never done before, at a speed you never thought
possible. The modern lengths, rockers and thickness flows work in perfect combination with the RHYTHM Twin Fins, fueling the fire for this new style of wave sailing. This new direction of sailing is being strongly influenced by a desire to surf and slide in the waves as a surfer does, going into the critical part of the wave with confidence and making the wave ride more fluid overall. The combination of uncompromising control and quickness allows the rider to really charge in any size waves, and gives the freedom to do new moves, which is what the Quatro Wave RYTHM Twin Fin boards are all about.

Only available in Premium PVC Construction as these boards are designed for the most extreme conditions. Available in 68, 75 and 81 Liters

  Volume : 68 L
Length : 228 cm
Width : 53.4 cm
Weight : 5.4 kg
  Volume : 75 L
Length : 230 cm
Width : 55.3 cm
Weight : 5.7 kg
  Volume : 81 L
Length : 234 cm
Width : 57.3 cm
Weight : 6.1 kg



Quatro Rhythm Twin Fin

Quatro Tempo Wave Twin Fin 2010

Ideal for all around wave sailing, the new TEMPO Wave Twin Fin line offers the perfect balance between early planning, speed, stability and that new loose feeling that twin fins are all about. Compared to the RYTHM, the all new TEMPO line is designed for any type of wave conditions you may encounter around the globe.

These boards have a wider outline, a progressive bottom contour together with bullet fast rocker giving the rider a board less demanding and radical in the waves.

The modern lengths, rockers and thickness flows work in perfect combination with the tempo Wave Twin Fin as well, fueling the fire for that new style of wave sailing but with an extra
touch of speed and easy feel of ride for poor wave sailing conditions. This new direction of sailing is being strongly influenced by a desire to surf and slide in the waves as modern surfers do. The speed and stability that these new boards offer give the riders high-end performance in less powerful waves and in fluky, gusty winds.

Premium PVC Construction is available in 76, 84 and 92 Liters
Premium Wood Construction is available in 76, 84 and 92 Liters

  Volume : 76 L
Length : 231 cm
Width : 56 cm
Weight LTD : 5.6 kg
Weight Wood : 5.8 kg
  Volume : 84 L
Length : 233 cm
Width : 58.3 cm
Weight LTD : 5.7 kg
Weight Wood : 6.5 kg
  Volume : 92 L
Length : 236.4 cm
Width : 60 cm
Weight LTD : 5.9 kg
Weight Wood : 6.8 kg

Quatro Tempo Twin Fin

Quatro Freeride 2010

The FREERIDE model offers a great combination of ease of ride, comfort and fun. The FREERIDE is a light board with great acceleration and unlimited top speed. These characteristics are achieved by combining a moderate length, full outline, and a lightning fast rocker.

The bottom features an accelerating V that becomes more defined towards the tail, making the board extremely fast and allowing the rider to keep their speed and control while turning or jibing.

There is a slight double concave by the mast track to absorb those hard hits while sailing at top speeds on choppy water, making your ride more comfortable, stable and ultimately, faster.

These boards bring you the maximum fun in free riding and light wind sailing.

Available in Premium Wood Construction with 110, 125 and 150 Literse.

  Volume : 110 L
Length : 236 cm
Width : 62 cm
Weight : 6.8 kg
  Volume : 125 L
Length : 246 cm
Width : 68 cm
Weight : 7.8 kg
  Volume : 150 L
Length : 253 cm
Width : 75 cm
Weight : 8.7 kg

Quatro Freeride

Quatro Quad 2010

“In proper down-the-line conditions, there is no doubting that the Quatro Quad is the best board we have ever sailed. It turns tightly with immense amounts of grip, control and speed..” Boardseeker mag test


From our Pro riders and testing grounds on Maui and around world, together with our experienced craftsmanship we were able to achieve the most impact resistant, high-end construction board. Working with most advanced materials in our industry today PVC double Sandwich Technology, PVC, Wood and Glass Stringers combined with technical Biaxial Glass and Carbon Lay ups, these boards are the ultimate in light weight and extreme durability.

  Volume : 75 L
Length : 230 cm
Width : 55.3 cm
  Volume : 85 L
Length : 234 cm
Width : 57.3 cm
Comes with quad

MFC, in conjunction with Kauli Seadi and Keith Teboul, developed the new Quad set up for wave boards. It was always in our minds to seek something that could be approachable for the everyday sailor, and it looks like we reached our target with the QUAD fins set-up. The board has drive. The different foil sections on the center and side fins drastically reduce the drag, which make upwind performances superior. This in turn makes riding waves easier for everyone. The board feels looser yet drives harder at the same time without compromising speed. It makes wave riding more forgiving. The board can be pushed with the front or back foot and the board and fins will continue to hold your style. We do not choose Quad fins looking at the size/length, but at the surface area we are using.

Qaud FinsQaud Fins

Spoon shape ™

One of the numerous things that make a Quatro Board as turny and snappy is the modern volume disribution. Spoon means shifting some of the weight and outline width forward to free up room for a tight and agile tail.

Qaud FinsQaud Fins

Quatro Freeride
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